Friday, January 28, 2011

100th Sale!!!

I hit 100 sales today on my etsy site ...!!!

I'm so excited. Hopefully things keep going good as this has been such a wonderful adventure for me. I have another site ... ... where I sell photographs and note cards and will soon be adding magnets and possibly bookmarkers.

Thank you all to have purchased from me. And if you haven't - stop by and take a look around! If you have an idea for a new product don't feel shy about shouting it out. I'm always up for trying something new.

Thanks again to everyone!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Storque!!!

I never thought that etsy would put something on the storque food related, none the less put one of MY items on there. BUT THEY HAVE!!!

It has the wonderful title of : Eatsy: The Fundamentals of Food Porn. The define food porn as — the sexualization of eating and cooking.

My Chocolate Banana Jam is one of the featured food items on the page. You have to go check it out!!!

There are several other tasty treats on there that would love to be brought home as well.

In honor of my feature on The Storque I will be offering a coupon code: STORQUE0111 - which will give you 25% off in my store while the storque is featuring my item.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


What is mexinese? Well ... this past weekend my husband and I and 3 other couples got together for a progressive dinner.

For all of those unfamiliar with a progressive dinner - it is where you have cocktails and appetizers at one couples house, main meal (hosted by 2 people this time) at anothers house and dessert and games at the last house.

Another lady and me had the main meal together. We decided to do a taco bar so that people could make their dinner how they would want it instead of just making one big entree. It turned out fabulous. Everyone had an amazing time and all of the food - at all of the houses - was very good.

The one thing that happened was that I brought home a lot of mexican leftovers. Now don't get me wrong - I LOVE mexican food. But it has to be a little different each time. So last night I decided I was going to try to make Chinese out of my Mexican leftovers.

I know, I know. My poor husband! But I ended up making Egg Foo Young and Fried Rice. Egg Foo Young is usually made with bean sprouts, green onions and chicken or pork. Since I didn't have green onions and am not a big fan of bean sprouts I just used regular onions instead. Then added the leftover chicken from the taco bar (front picture). It is something like an omelet. It of course has lots of soy sauce in it!
The fried rice is just a fried rice - except made with mexican rice! I scrambled some eggs and sauted some onions. Added soy sauce ... and ... wa-la! Fried Rice!
I thought it was pretty good, especially considering what I started with! My lovely husband is so great because he eats just about anything I put on the table.
What will I come up with next? I still have a lot of veggie leftovers so we will see what I come up with tonight.
Any suggestions?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Verdict Is In

My first batch of Chocolate Banana Jam has been made. And my final conclusion is ... AMAZING!!!

To me it tastes like a nutella (not as thick) with a bit of banana in the background.

It probably isn't for everyone but I think that it would be delicious on toast or biscuits in the morning. I even thought about putting it on a pizza crust for a dessert pizza.

It was super easy to make and the house smelled wonderful while I was making it.

Verdict = keeper (at least for me!)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chocolate Banana Jam

Attempting a new jam today ... Chocolate Banana Jam!

I love chocolate and i love bananas so this has to be good, right? Well I will let you know tomorrow how the final product turns out.

I'm looking forward to it being one of my Valentine's Day jams.

Cross your fingers for me!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Shop of the Day ... AGAIN!!!

I'm really starting to enjoy participating in the threads and chats on etsy. I have met a lot of wonderful, hard working, caring people. It is nice to know that there are people in this world that still care about others.

Not only has my exposure and sales gone up but I feel that I have found a whole new group of friends! Thank you guys!

I'm giving a prize of a $10 gift certificate to be used on anything in my shop as part of the raffle on the thread - BNE/BNS Raffle. Normally, for each shop that you purchase from that is giving a prize you get 2 entries into the raffle, each shop that you purchase from that is a curator you get 3 entries, and each shop that you purchaes from that is on the buyers list you get 1 entry.

But today, tomorrow and Sunday (January 21-23), all of the prize shops are SHOPS OF THE DAY which means for the first item you purchase from each of these stores you get 6 ENTRIES and 1 entry for each item (from that shop) after that.

In honor of this, I have listed a new coupon code to give you all 20% off you entire purchase! That is right ... you heard me right ... 20% off!! Shop your little heart out in my shop. Pick up all the goodies that you just need and when you go to check out, put in coupon code ... RAFFLE20 ... to rake in the savings!

Check out the thread here ...

And the list of the other shops of the day ...

Check them all out. They are all wonderful shops with great products!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Shop of the Day!!

Well, I completely forgot on Saturday! This weekend was a little crazy.

However ...

Today on the BNE/BNS Raffle hosted by I am one of the shops of the day!! For each purchase from my shop ( today you will receive 6 entries in the raffle held on February 11.

The other shop of the day today is ... ... where you will also receive 6 entries in the raffle.

Check out this thread for complete details on the raffle and all of the other featured shops and list of prizes being offered ...

My newest listing for today is a Sampler Pack of 3 - 4oz jars. Use this listing to help you decide which flavor to give out at your next gathering as your favors. Or to just try 3 different kinds for yourself.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saturday Blog Shoppers

I know, I know. It is a little early But I thought that I would post this now.

Quilts Galore and More is hosting a Saturday Blog Shoppers. If you click on her blog below it will showcase a list of other blogs also participating. All of these shops will have an item from their etsy shop or homemade item for sale.

My item for sale this Saturday will be .... drum roll please ...

Pumpkin Apple Butter - an 8oz jar.
Regular Price - $6.00
Sale Price - $3.75

This item will be marked down on Saturday.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chocolate Banana Jam

I have been searching for something to make for Valentine's Day and I'm starting to run out of time. I would love to do a Raspberry Chocolate Jam but I would have to charge an arm and a leg since raspberries are so expensive this time of year.

So I found a recipe for Chocolate Banana Jam. Any thoughts on this?

Personally I love chocolate and I love bananas. And the thought of them together sounds good.

Let me know what you think!